Tuesday, January 5, 2010

LIfes to short

Well allot has happened since my last blog. The Holidays have come and gone, it snowed , Friends are jumping into the New year and our ski season is going full tilt with our first race this week already. It was great to see everyone over the holidays and we ate way to much, but we did have allot of fun together.
Been to church way to much this Holiday season for the wrong reasons, lost a friend, lost a friends father and now another friend fighting the big C. God works in mysterious ways and hes been keeping me on my toes at the end og 2009.
I guess you have to live life to the fullest everyday. You dont have to tell Mr Hammer that twice. So go ahead have another slice of pepperoni bread, ride your bike in the snow, pay for the car behind you on the turnpike, help an old lady across the street, whatever it takes to make you feel good. Because ....I guess you just never know. Peace

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